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Last journal: July 23. Exciting news, I'm sure.
Just came back from another trip out to Regina. It made me sad. Grandpa's brain and body have been growing weaker as of late, and Grandma is often exhausted trying to take care of him. Her arthritis has worsened to a point where her knees sound like moving furniture every time she gets up. It's a shame that growing old has to bring so much grandparents are terribly awesome people, and don't deserve anything they're getting (except the pension cheques :)).

I'm staying here by myself for the majority of the week. That may sound like good news to some of you, but since I'm an exceptionally boring person, I have nothing to do all day. Hence, this e/n journal. I've been working on an animation for most of the summer, and at the moment, I hate it more than anything. 1117 frames, and I'm not even a quarter of the way done. At least it lets me kill some time (heh. I sound about 13 years old).

I lost my CDs again. I'm sure you were dying to know that. At least I still have the three I got for my birthday: Bob Marley, Bob Marley, and Queen. I've been listening to them endlessly, if only to dull the pain of animating (Oh, the drama).

Ooh! And I got me a camera. It's a Canon, film, fully manual, and probably built sometime befor the Crimean war. I love it!
Jamiespazz Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2005
Omg, I so have to see this animation when you're done! D:
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